• Phone(817) 336-4423
  • Address8851 Ice House Drive, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
  • Open Hours7am - 11pm
  • Phone(817) 336-4423
  • Address8851 Ice House Drive, North Richland Hills, TX 76180
  • Open Hours7am - 11pm

Hockey Camps



Q When does the Camp start and what are the times?

A Camp starts Saturday June 19th and here is a link to all dates and times.

Q How early should I arrive prior to one ice skate time?

A You should arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to you start time on ice.   Example 10U players start at 715AM, you should arrive and get ready at 630AM at Nytex.  Don’t be late to on ice skates! There will be a check in table in the front lobby, make sure you check in prior to each skate.

Q Is there anything special I should brings to the first skate(s)?

A Great question.  If you have you new USA Hcokey Number print it out and bring that in on the first day when you check in.  You can register for it at usahockey.com.  Other than that make sure you bring a individually marked water bottle that is easily recognizable, and full hockey gear.

Q Will I be able to stay and watch?

A There are no restrictions to watching camp, and our entire facility is completely open including the lockerrooms.  

Q Will I get feedback after the camp?

A Each player will get individual feedback from one of more of our coaches on their player’s performance and ability.  Each coach will have his/her cell phone and email provided prior to camp start for parents in case they wish to contact a certain coach individually.  

Q Will body contact/checking be taught at this camp?

A At 14U and older we will be working on proper checking technique.  At 12U and younger we will focus on skills, but will also teach some basic body contact.

Q Is there an off-ice portion of this camp?

A No.  This camp is focused only on the on-ice development.  

Q Will the Pro Shop be open for skate sharpening and gear sales?

A Plan is to have the Pro shop open during the camp.

Q Can I register for tryouts during the camp?  How much will tryouts be this year?

A Yes tryout registration will be open during camp and there is no charge for tryouts this year.

SCHEDULE (Subject to Changes)