Greener pastures do exist! Our Main Rink converts from an ice into a league-worthy field of turf. Rink activities switch from hockey & skating into football, lacrosse, soccer, dodge ball & dry land training. This is a game-changer for your child’s fun at the NYTEX Sports Centre. Between Summer Sports Camp, indoor sports and everything else NYTEX offers, your child will never want spring and summer to end!


The indoor turf arena is official regulation size (200 ft x 85 ft) and is the versatile home to any special event including, soccer, football and lacrosse. We can even roll it up for hard court activities! With a fully operational scoreboard and sound system with the ability to seat up to 500 spectators, the NYTEX’s indoor turf is right for you! Parties, lock-ins and field rental are available.

(For you winter sport fans: The Main Rink will be frozen again in late August.)


  • Turf Schedule
    The Indoor Turf will be installed from May through August each year!
  • Rent Our Turf!
    Please Email Frank Trazzera to learn more about partnering with NYTEX!